Every month a new poster will appaer in the streets of Sint-Niklaas:
a combination of words and images - in the context of  Coup de Ville 2020 - Chasing Flowers.


The first poster is a design by Poetry Pigeon, with a poem by Paul van Ostaijen and a painting by Mairead O'hEocha

In February we presented the second poster, designed by Justine Corrijn, with an image of Rashanna Rashied-Walker and a text by Emily Dickinson.


Jedidja Samyn designed the third one, with a poem by J.H. Leopold and an image by Sofie Muller.


The poster in April is made by Charlot Vael, with an image of Dirk Zoete and a poem by William Blake.


The newest poster is designed by Esther Bleyenberg, with a text by Arthur Japin and an image by Greet Van Autgaerden.


This initiative is supported by the city library and the communications department of Sint-Niklaas. It will be distributed for free to habitants of Sint-Niklaas.