K1 & K2 Etalageproject Erik Haemers en Rio Staelens 


It seems Rio Staelens starts from the question ‘How to capture joy in an artwork’? In the K2-window she presents such a joyfull print from her series of works with the title ‘Chance Meeting (with Ray)’. It is obvious she refers to a line of light and (of course) the fabulous and inventive artist Man Ray who pushed photography beyond it’s classical limits. Rio shares his curiosity for experiment, allowing chance as a co-creator. To obtain her colorfull images she starts from cardboard, paints it and cuts them up to create bas-reliefs. This is her source material to realise analog photos and prints. She is inspired by organic language of artists such as: Jean Arp and Barbara Hepworth, but also by tapestry, stained windows or Henri Matisse. K2 now has it’s own ‘Ode an die Freude’.


Rio Staelens, buren K2 Edith Ronse & Michaël Pycke, curator Paul L. Van Haegenbergh.