The WARP Artist Village aims to provide emerging artists with feedback and stimulating input through personal interviews with professionals. The starting point for such conversations is the artist’s portfolio. In addition to meeting national and foreign curators, critics, experienced artists, choreographers, psychoanalysts and the like, meetings between artists are at least as important for an artist’s professional development.


These meetings are part of WARP’s foundations and how it develops relationships with artists. Responding to a need for artist feedback, the first portfolio meetings took place in Sint-Niklaas in 2007. After being repeated annually, this expanded into the very first Artist Village for a full week in the context of Coup de Ville 2010.


In addition, WARP regularly organizes reflection days with the same purpose and the same intentions. Depending on co-production and financing options, the duration sometimes shrinks to a more concise but extremely intense period. WARP always organizes the Artist Villages with a local partner in the city where the Village takes place.


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