On Sunday 22 May, Kunstenplatform WARP is organizing a portfolio day again.


As a visual artist, do you want to broaden your professional horizons and deepen your content?

Would you like to meet five intensive one-on-one conversations with an experienced professional from the arts field and new colleagues? Are you looking for even more feedback and targeted support for your international ambitions?

Send your application before May 2: info@warp-art.be.


What? A concise motivation (max 250 words) + 5 relevant images (max 5 MB) and / or video link + CV (pdf). In order to process the (many) applications efficiently and with the necessary care, we do not accept a reference to your website alone – selecting it from your oeuvre and then motivating it, we interpret as a professional virtue.

All ages are welcome, but we do give preference to people whose oeuvre is still developing and who has an international horizon in mind.


Commentators: Sofie Dederen (Ottypark Gallery Antwerpen) / Ilka De Wilde (Opera Ballet Vlaanderen) / Ermias Kifleyesus (Kunstenaar Brussel) / Joachim Naudts (Extra City Antwerpen) / Jessy Rahman (Quartair Den Haag) / Daan Rau (free lance curator en essayist) / Meggy Rustamova (kunstenaar) / Lies Serdons (Vonk Ateliers Hasselt-Genk) / Stef Van Bellingen (Kunstenplatform WARP) / Hilde Van Canneyt (Kunstcriticus) / Mieke Vanderheyden (Curator CC Zwanenberg) / Lex Van Lith (Werkplaats Make Eindhoven) / Jan Verhaeghe (Input-Output / CC Brugge) / Els Vermeersch (Wit.h Kortrijk) / Gwendolina Willems (The Art Explorer) / Eva Wittockx (Museum M Leuven)

Deadline: May 2 / Selection announcement: May 7, 2022

Contribution: 50 euros (5 conversations (45') / reception with coffee or tea and croissant / lunch / closing reception)

From 9.30 am to (approx.) 5.30 pm on May 22, 2022 at WARP, Apostelstraat 20 in Sint-Niklaas.


After the portfolio day, a follow-up process is started for every interested participant and 3 artists are eligible for an exhibition presentation.