The wondrous world of small size images | 22 januarY - 21 februarY 2021


How appealing and different can looking at a modest format be? Paying  closer attention truly  creates an intimate relation between the observer and the piece of art.


The 20th Biennial of the small size is a cultural collaboration between the ‘Musée du Petit Format’ (the Museum of the Small Format) in Nismes and Contemporary Art Platform WARP based in Sint-Niklaas. So, a partnership between the French and Flemish speaking communities in Belgium.


Each of the 159 selected artists participates with a single artpiece on A4-sized paper. As the postal services are in play, it reminds  us of mail art: the artistic movement centered on sending small-scale works. Initially developed by Ray Johnson, initiated already in 1943, it became a global movement in the 1960s.


The MPFAC (Musée du Petit Format d’Art Contemporain) in Nismes is situated in the picturesque southern part of the Belgian county of Namur. It is the unique, and only, spot in the whole area where contemporary art is cherised. This small scale museum reflects on the accesibility of contemporary art, develops participatory trajects and departing from small sized artworks the museum questions the scale of cultural events.


Due to the digitalisation with a frequent use of smartphones, tablets or latptops,  it has become a habit to gaze at art that is miniaturised. It inspired the KIKK-Festiva,l based in the city of Namur, to realise a digital component for this exhibition.


The first part of this biennial took place in Nismes, migrated to Aarlen and after a stop in Sint-Niklaas, the exhibition moves to Liège. Art Platform WARP creates a setting of a cabinet – the atmosphere of a private room to which only those with whom one is intimate would be admitted. It is connected with another project in our premisses: the ‘Studiolo’-project. These are representations, also with A4-size, of artist studio’s. The images are exhibited at the WARP-residency and the related artists studio directly below the pitched roof.


Free admission

Open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 13-17h from January 22 until February 21, 2021.

Unless severe changes reservations are possible, but not necessary – in bubbels of two persons we can allow 10 persons corona-proof at a time.



Magda Amarioarei (Roemenië/België), Tiany Andriamasomanana (Frankrijk), Camiel Andriessen (Nederland), Cees Andriessen (Nederland), Fernanda Aránguiz M. (Chili), Yoshito Arichi (Japan), Daniel Aulagnier (Frankrijk), Paul Authom, Michel Barzin, Ode Bertrand (Frankrijk), Pawel Binczycki (Polen), Bernard Boigelot, Marie-Frankrijk Bonmariage, Alain Bornain, Philippe Bouillon, Koen Broucke, Sylvie Canonne, Martin Chaumont, Juan Pablo Chipe (Mexico/Spanje), Jean-Pierre Claes, COSTIS (Griekenland), Alexia Creusen, Kikie Crevecoeur, Daniel Daniel, Laurent Danloy, Ella De Burca (Ierland/België), Philippe De Kemmeter, Gérald Dederen, Elise Delbrassinne, Nathalie Doyen, Raymond Drygalski, Arpaïs Du Bois, Jean-François Dubreuil (Frankrijk), Emelyne Duval, Vesna Dzakic (Servië), Luc Etienne, Cynthia Evers, Amandine Facquer (Frankrijk), Daniel Fauville , Anne Marie Finne, Jean-Michel Francois, Noriko Fuse (Japan/Frankrijk), Xuyong Gao (China/België), Michèle Garot, Anne Gilsoul, Emmanuel Godart, Thierry Goffart, Michèle Grosjean, Marie-Paule Haar, Wieslaw Haladaj (Polen), Isabelle Happart, Chantal Hardy, Jorma Hautala (Finland), Philippe Herbet, Luc Hoenraet, Françoise Hottois, François Huon, Sergiy Hrapov (Ukraine), Jean-Pierre Husquinet, Anna Illes (Hongarije), Laurent Impeduglia, Atsuko Ishii (Japan/Frankrijk), Pepa Ivanova (Bulgarije/België), Edmond Jamar , Maria Jas (Polen), Julia Jedwab, Thomas Jodogne, Stanislaw Zbigniew Kamienski (Polen), Aïda Kazarian, Akané Kirimura (Japan/Frankrijk), Caroline Koenders (Nederland), Jeff Kowatch (Usa/België), Jean-Claude Lalot, André Lambotte, Martín La Roche (Chili/Nederland), Emmanuelle Leblanc (Frankrijk), Jean-Pierre Leclef, Jacques Lennep, Annick Le Thoer (Frankrijk), Mégane Likin, Thomas Loyatho (Frankrijk), Gabrielle Malherbe, Henri Martraix (Frankrijk), Takako Matsukawa (Oostenrijk), Jean-Pierre Maury, Laurence Meyer, Anita Mizrahi (Nederland), Jean Morette, Mitsouko Mori (Japan/Frankrijk), Georges-Henri Morin (Frankrijk), Florence Muller (Frankrijk), Sophie Negrier (Frankrijk/Bénin), Judith Nem's (Hongarije), Jiri Neuwirt (Tsjechië), Vesna Opavsky (Servië), Roland Orepük (Frankrijk), Ulysse Ost, Hyacinthe Ouattara (Burkina Faso/Frankrijk), Berenika Ovcackova (Tsjechië), Omer Ozcetin, Mario Palli (Italië), Yiannis Papadopoulos (Griekenland), Maurice Pasternak, Olivier Pé (Italië/België), Colin Penno (Duitsland), William Ploegaert, Marianne Ponlot, Boris Pramatarov (Bulgarije/België), Andréa Radermacher-Mennicken, Dominique Rappez, Romina Remmo, Dominique Romeyer (Frankrijk/België), Sigurd Rompza (Duitsland), Pascale Rouffart, Elina Salminen (Finland/België), Frankrijksca Scarito (Italië/België), Laurent Schoonvaere, Lieven Segers, Timothy Segers, Weronika Siupka (Polen), Gisbert Stach (Duitsland), Vincent Strebelle, Jacques Thannen, Vincent Thierion (Frankrijk), Brigitte Touvron (Frankrijk), Katharina Trudzinski (Duitsland), Philip Ullrich (Duitsland/Zwitserland), Kelli Valk (Estland), Jan Van Bergen, Dominique Van den Bergh, Ben Van den Berghe , & Alexey Shlyk (Wit-Rusland), Diane Van Eepoel, Romain Van Wissen, Dirk Verhaegen, Denis Verkeyn, Catherine Versé, Patrick Vertenten, Bernard Villers, Aurélie Vink, Sophie Vink, Corinne Vionnet (Zwitserland), VORÉ (Duitsland), Theadora Walsh (USA), Thierry Wesel , Désirée Wickler (Luxemburg/Duitsland), Laura Wilson (Verenigd Koninkrijk), Alain Winance, François Winants, Hans de Wit (Nederland), Anne-Marie Wittek, Léon Wuidar, Tianmeng Zhu, Walid Zouari (Tunesië) 
Digital platform: Yann Deval & Marie-Ghislaine Losseau (Frankrijk/België) , Katinka De Jonge (Nederland/België), CeĢdric Sabato (Frankrijk/België), Alex Verhaest, Alain Wergifosse , Claire Williams (Frankrijk/België)


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