WARP ARTIST VILLAGE 2023 |  May 12 – 13 - 14th 2023 in Middelburg (Netherlands)


Contemporary Art Platform WARP based in Sint-Niklaas (BE) organises the 2023 edition of the ‘Artist Village’ (portfoliodays) in collaboration with CBK Zeeland in Middelburg (Netherlands) on May 12, 23, 14.  The core of this event are one-on-one conversations with experienced and emphatic professionals from the international art scene in the Oostkerk. Even at more advanced stages of ones career, it is important to have mentorship and support in a professional capacity. The range of conversations and feedback will provide the artist a whole set of ideas and ways for further developing their practice. The final goal is to create a sustainable network.

WARP started organising portfoliodays, -weekends or the ‘Arstist Village’ as soon as 2007. In most of the cases it’s the beginning of a relation on longterm with artists (and commentators). This implies that we are looking for artists who want to stay in touch and engage in this network. Previous year we started a post-portfolio-programme with ‘socratic conversations’ (in Dutch with artist-philosopher Aäron Willem as our Socrates).


Thanks a lot ‘Theatre of the Wrong Decisions’ - with artist and our do-gooder, Ingrid Rollema, behind this organisation. Thanks to her we can keep the participation fee for the selected artists very low. 


The 17 selected artists for this edition:


Simone Albers (NL) 

Floris Boccanegra (BE)

Jolien Collen (BE)

Emanuele Dainotti (IT) 

Andrea Freckmann (DE)

Jamie Kane (Schotland)

Sebastian Kulbaka (POL) 

Renée Pevernagie (BE)

Nayra Martin Reyes (ES) 

Jana Romanova (RU)

Alice Schiavone (IT) 

Maaike Anne Stevens (NL)

Yeon Sung (Z-Korea) 

Sanne Vaassen (NL)

Gwen van den Bout (NL)

Mirte van Duppen (NL)

Stefanie Zito (VS)


    Our commentators are:


    Boris Beja (artist & artwriter and mentor – Ljubljana - Slovenia)

    Danny Bracken (artistic director Mattress Factory Pittsburg – USA)

    Ilka De Wilde (curator and coordinator Opera Ballet Flanders – Belgium)

    Karin Demuth (artist d.o.c.h.-collective Bremen, Germany)

    Michel Dewilde (curator Museums of Bruges – Belgium)

    Kathrin Ginsberg (director CBK Zeeland – Netherlands)

    Philippe Grisar (psychoanalist and art lover – Belgium) 

    Kirke Kangro (artist & dean Academy Tallinn – EST)

    Martin Kudlek (Gallerist Cologne & Brussels  - Germany)

    Pleun Meijer (coordinator CBK Zeeland, Netherlands)

    Ilga Minjon (Curator Stroom The Hague – Netherlands)

    Warre Mulder (artist Middelburg – Netherlands)

    Sofie Muller (artist Ghent – Belgium)

    Astrid Nobel (artist The Hague, Netherlands)

    Jessy Rahman (artist and co-director Quartair The Hague – Netherlands)

    Cecilia Rebergen (artist – Utrecht, Netherlands)

    Stef Van Bellingen (curator WARP – Belgium)

    Lex Van Lith (artist and director Make Eindhoven – Netherlands)

    Anne Wetsi Mpoma (curator & activist, Brussels – Belgium)

    Aäron Willem (artist and philospher – Belgium / post-programme: Socratic conversations)





    Friday May 12th: from 3.30 p.m. on:

    • hotel check in
    • welcome at CBK Zeeland (Kathrin Ginsberg)
    • general information and introduction (Stef Van Bellingen)
    • individual presentation (10’ each) by the participating artists
    • diner
    • testimony by Danny Bracken (USA) and Cecilia Rebergen (NL) who participated at one of the previous editions.


    Saturday May 13th


    • 09h30-10h15: conversation 1
    • 10h30-11h15: conversation 2
    • 11h30-12h15: conversation 3


    • 13h30-14h15: conversation 4
    • 14h30-15h15: conversation 5
    • 15h45-16h30: conversation 6
    • 17h: in the footsteps of Piet Mondriaan: a walk with the group along the beach

    Diner & aftertalk


    Sunday May 14th:

    Breakfast (and check out)

    • 10h-10h45: conversation 7
    • 11h-11h45: conversation 8
    • 12h-12h45: conversation 9


    • 14h: Round up and closure (transport to Antwerp)