Artist Village 2010

Coup de Ville is an exhibition and city festival of contemporary art from September 12 to October 24 2010, held in private and public locations in the city-centre of Sint-Niklaas. Sint-Niklaas is located between Ghent and Antwerp and acts as a cultural mediator between these cities. The title symbolically refers to an ‘occupied city’.
During one week (October 1 – 5) a group of about 80 artists, poets, musicians and art critics will be given the chance to literally occupy the city’s market square in an improvised Artist Village, a nomadic camp with mobile homes, caravans and tents. The artists´ village during the exhibition Coup de Ville is an offshoot of the annual portfolio days and the (post-) summer school. WARP organises these encounters with professionals from over the entire world: curators, art critics and established artists from New York to Beijing and from Toronto to Cape Town. The world will literally be presented in a village on the largest market place in Belgium. Together with a team of 20 international commentators, artists will have a captivating opportunity to reflect on their art in a professional environment. The interaction with the professionals as with other participating artists, is a unique starting point to further develop ones professional art career.
The Artist Village will be opened on October 1, with an astounding celebration.


the interactive installation Weather 2030 by Gabi Sturm is exhibited.
Karl Philips’ six, bolted-together campervans, are used as a meeting place and for the live radiobroadcasting on friday october 1th from 4 until 6 p.m.
Ellen Brusselmans completes a workshop with former patients from Saint Hieronymus Psychiatric Centre. The local academy organises open studio’s with younger and older students.
Younger and more mature students from the local evening and weekend academy have open studio’s at the artists village.
Kunstwerk(t) presents it’s magazine on sunday.
The musical ensemble Nadar brings a concert in the townhall together with the composer Johannes Kreidler on sunday at 18h (6 p.m.)
On sunday the mainshoppingstreet (Stationstraat) will be free from traffic, they organize a fashion weekend.
Artist Angelo Vermeulen invites you to an presentation and discussion in his installation (Walburgkasteel, attic) on monday at 11h (11 a.m)
Artist Koen Vanmechelen gives a lecture about his Cosmopolitan Chicken Project in the tent on monday evening at 20h (8 p.m)


  • vrijdag : Otto Berchem, Yi-Chiu Chen, Olivier Deprez, Laurence Dujardyn, Jarg Geismar, Rebecca Liossin, Sofie Muller, Svetta Nikolaeva, Bernie Searle, Zou Wei, Erich Weiss
  • zaterdag : Otto Berchem, Yi-Chiu Chen, Isolde De Buck, Sofie Dederen, Olivier Deprez; Jarg Geismar, Rebecca Loissin, Sofie Muller (nm), Sveta Nikolaeva, Jessy Ramah, Ingrid Rollema, Bernie Searle, Sven Vanderstichelen, Zou Wei, Erich Weiss
  • zondag : Otto Berchem, Yi-Chiu Chen, Sofie Dederen, Olivier Deprez, Michel Dewilde, Jarg Geismar, Rebecca Loissin, Jessy Ramah, Bernie Searle, Felix Villanueva
  • maandag : Yi-Chiu Chen, Olivier Deprez, Rebecca Loissin, Sveta Nikolaeva, Marc Vandecandelaere, Felix Villanueva, Zou Wei, Erich Weiss
  • dinsadag : Yi-Chiu Chen, Isolde De Buck, Rebecca Loissin, Sofie Muller, Sveta Nikolaeva, Felix Villanueva, Angelo Vermeulen, Zou Wei, Erich Weiss