Warp Artist Village provides an ideal environment where artists can immerse in a week long open investigation of their work. Participants attend individual conversations with curators, established artists, gallerists, architects, psychoanalists, art critics, … The conversations are held on the basis of your portfolio and focus primarily on content and the contextualisation of it. The atmosphere of being away from routine allows for indepth discussions and a platform for open debate. Even at more advanced stages of ones career, it is important to have mentorship and support in a professional capacity. The range of discussions and feedback can provide you with a whole set of ideas and ways for further developing your practice.

The feedback, discussions and support from professionals are an intense and great combination that push the participants to continuously engage about their art practice. After several editions we have experienced this nomadic community leads to longterm relations between artists, commentators and institutes, creating an autonomous and alternative mental space in the contemporary art scene. Networks no longer stay virtual or ephemeral but become a profound, stimulating relationships.

Apart from Artist Villages WARP organises smaller events as well as portfoliodays.

The next portfolioday will take place on Saturday 11 November 2017 in Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna (Austria).

Portfolioweekend Frans Masereelcentrum, Kasterlee (6-7 mei 2016)

Artist Village 2015 Bruges